Caroline Schlyter

Little h, steel (1988)


When the artist Caroline Schlyter was a sculpture student at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm), she was in 1988 given an assignment to create a three dimensional letter of the alphabet. At that point an idea was born within her which came to engage her for several years and that grew into an extended project. She undertook the letter ”h”. A letter which fulfilled her concern for line, space and voids. She sketched, worked with models, sawed out forms in solid wood, turned and twisted ribbons of veneer and hammered plate metal. She discovered the ”h”’s likeness to seat furniture and wished to test the form in a larger scale. Could one perhaps sit on an ”h”? The archetype to her collection The h-Family was in the making.

Helene Broms 

Text from the exhibition catalogue: The h-Family - en exhibition about form, inspiration & technique. Riksutställningar/Swedish Travelling Exhibitions 1997

Chair Little h in rolled steel - Designed in 1988

Chair Little h in rolled steel covered with red velvet - Designed in 1988
Unique installation

Chair Little h miniatures - Designed in 1988
Wood, paper, fibre-glass, metal
Scale 1:6

Zimbabwe/Sverige Två Konstskolor i Arbete, Kulturhuset/Culture Center of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden